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Patient Stories


Caran Colantino - Hip Replacement

Dr. Rose is the best solution to your issues, especially hip. In fact, I have sent several friends to see him and they, too, feel the same way.

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Stuart Unger - Hip Replacement

I have never heard or seen a staff of all levels be as attentive and/or caring for a single patient.

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Pete Chouinard - Hip Replacement

My recovery was quick and ALL of my pain is completely gone and I am walking, running and playing racquetball as good or better than before my pain started.

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Dan Farren - Hip Arthritis

Dr. Rose, with his confidence and incredible expertise, reversed our grim future.

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Max Batzer - Knee Replacement

Tony Rose did a terrific job for me and it has stood the test of time and a lot of banging around.

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Cari Ruderman - Knee Replacement

I had total knee replacement surgery on 5/15/18. Dr. Howard Anthony Rose was my surgeon and things went great!

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Kalid Loul - Osteolysis

Dr. Rose did a great job that I only needed to use medication for a few days. I was back at the gym during the first week of May and was able to resume my weightlifting regime.

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Teressa Lawrence - Rotator Cuff Tear & Torn Meniscus

From the initial consult to the decision for surgery, I knew that I would not put the surgery in anyone else's hands.

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