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Stuart Unger


I should probably start off by telling you, that I am a 51 year old male that has never broken a bone nor spent 1 night in a hospital. My personal fear of knowing the truth was a contributor to my unwillingness to have Hip Replacement Surgery.

For years I experienced hip pain which I chose to ignore. I could walk about 1/2 mile before the pain became unbearable and in many cases ruined the rest of my day. 3 Years ago I went to an orthopedist that told me Physical Therapy would cure me up in no time. Well was that a mistake. I think that venture caused more pain/damage then anything.

It was November of 2016 when I was recommended to see Dr. Rose @ HSS. From the moment he walked into the room to discuss my issues, the comfort level I had with this doctor was unexplainable. He listened, made suggestions and reviewed all options with my wife and I. It didn't take long for me to decided that he would absolutely do the surgery, sooner than later.

On January 3rd of this year, Dr. Rose came to see me in pre-op. As I mentioned above this is now my 1st time in a hospital, so my nerves were through the roof. He alongside my anesthesiologist, made me relax as much as they possibly could.

All I can tell you is the next thing I knew, I was being woken up in Recovery, not remembering a single thing. This is where an experience of a lifetime began. I have never heard or seen a staff of all levels be as attentive and/or caring for a single patient. Who was I, just another person that had surgery in their hospital, but treated like a member of the family.

The attentive from the nurse staff, Physical Therapists, Doctors, etc. down to the persons that brought me my meals (which were pretty good for hospital food), where as professional and welcoming as possible.

I was standing the same day of surgery and on my way home 2 days later. This is where I didn't think it could get better. Well for the next several days, I would get a call from Dr. Rose's office, checking on me to see how I was doing. NEVER have I heard of such a practice.

Its now 2 1/2 weeks after surgery and I walking without a cane for most of the day, continuing my PT. If you're undecided on where to have any procedure done and you don't give HSS the opportunity, you are doing a injustice to yourself.

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