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Caran Colantino


In April of 2015 while living and working in Florida, I was experiencing excruciating pain in both of my hips. After hearing story upon story of how bad this can get and what can happen without taking care of this immediately, and against my better judgment, I had a THR of the right hip while still in Florida in 2016. Unfortunately, it was an older prosthetic that was used. The procedure in Florida left my right hip shorter with too much bone cut and resulting in a crack for which I now have a permanent clamp on my right femur. Recovery was a bit slow, but I made it. The new issue was my left hip. Upon returning up north to live again, and after the recommendation from a friend, I sought out Dr. Howard Anthony Rose in 2018. That was the most blessed day of my life. From the first office visit, speaking with Talia, and finally connecting with Dr. Rose, I was placed at ease and knew that he was the answer to my prayers. I was anxious and scared that the situation I had in Florida would happen again but when I spoke with him, he immediately put all my fear fires out and said we’ll get through this and you’ll be fine. He was right! My left hip is fabulous!!! He is an amazing soul and an even more amazing doctor. Dr. Rose calmed me down, scheduled surgery and my left hip was done. I am able to say without a whisper of a doubt, Dr. Rose is the best solution to your issues, especially hip. In fact, I have sent several friends to see him and they, too, feel the same way. And I just completed a walk for cancer and it was such a great feeling to be able to participate! We now understand why people from all over the world come to HSS and I’m sure Dr. Rose is one of them. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Dr. Rose, et al., for everything!!

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